Overview of our work

How we do it

As a capacity-building organization, MADF improves the ability of people and organizations to practise farming effectively and sustainably. Training and other learning events are central to all of MADF’s work. We support these efforts with on-the-ground projects, critical issues analysis, and strategic communication. MADF works through four thematic areas:


Expanding MFS: increasing the number of MFS practitioners and tutors to a critical mass that will influence agriculture policy development.


People, health and climate resilience: researching possible improvements of MFS cropping in general to effectively increase communities' resilience to the devastation of the HIV/AIDs pandemic and impacts of climate change.


Transforming rural lives: By analyzing the opportunities and constraints of local people's access to market activities, this program ensure that local people have the skills and knowledge to engage meaningfully in emerging opportunities


Generating information: demonstrate good practices, develop key lessons, produce and update user friendly information on MFS and MADF as well as training manuals

Our 5 Strategies


facilitating/ assisting the development of supportive institutions, systems, collaborators, and cooperators


Or mentoring and empowering through field schools, provide training and tools for the practice of MFS


Research and refinine; advocating and raising awareness on the MFS outcomes throughout the country


Provide technical support on planning, development and implementation of MFS with partners and practitioners


Supporting grassroots farmers to network and dialogue among themselves


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