Vision, Mission & Strategy

We train farmers in the Machobane Farming System  philosophy of self reliance, self sufficiency & social support.


Recognizing the ravages of hunger on human dignity, it is our vision that the farming community especially the economically poorest of Lesotho society is food secure by planting a large range of crops organically and substantially reduce farm income fluctuations by decreasing reliance on imported inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides.


In promoting MFS to rid Basotho people especially the women household headed families of the scourge of hunger; higher land productivity of diversified crops on small parcels of land is our focus; soil and water conservation is integrated in the farming techniques to better withstand the vagaries of climate such as floods, hailstorms, drought etc. Continued research to stimulate improvements of the agricultural production and the plan for mass education provides the basic contributory blocks of success in the implementation of MFS.​


A pro-poor approach to building capacity for the disadvantaged of Lesotho’s farming community especially in rural areas with special focus on women household headed families. As a holistic farming system it is generally acknowledged as a powerful solution for many of the challenges facing local people and the wider society, especially in improving rural livelihoods, enhancing community empowerment and governance, transforming rural development, protecting and enhancing the environment, and helping to fight climate change.

Where is Lesotho?